“NEON LEANED MIRROR” – Delicate outlines surprises grand histories and treasured myths? No. It´s better. It´s a girl with a board on a playground.

– I wanted to make an artwork with the base of a feministic, sustainable society. This seen as a concept, status or dream became “Neon Leaned Mirror”, an eleven minutes long unbroken shot, says Anders Ramsell.

The live-action short (Fiction) will premiere 23 January – 4 February at Sweden´s official film festival “Göteborgs Film Festival”.

The Breath´s Deer starring Stellan Skarsgård

Stellan Skarsgård plays the role of Anders Ramsell in “The Breath’s Deer”

“The Breath’s Deer” by artist Anders Ramsell, featuring Stellan Skarsgård, will premiere 4-9 September at the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival in Baden, Switzerland.

“The Breath’s Deer” is a sci-fi story painted entirely in watercolour about what awaits humanity. “There’s a treacherous beauty and sensuality in Anders’ animations,” Stellan Skarsgård says. “I find his painting both attractive and disturbing, just like those dreams early in the morning that you can’t let go of, but instead grab you to take you back into their fragmented poetry.”

The self-portrait is a clear presence in the film; Skarsgård provides the voice of “The Breath’s Deer”, taking on the role of Ramsell, while the audience sees a painted version of the artist himself. Previously, actor Rutger Hauer (Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” and much more), played the role of Ramsell in the critically-acclaimed “Genderness”, which featured at The Chinese Theater in Hollywood in the 2016 edition of the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

“Anyone – regardless of sex, skin colour, sexual orientation – can take on the role of me,” Anders Ramsell says. “This time my art has reached Stellan – he really expressed what I wanted to say in a fantastic way; no-one has heard him express himself this way before.”

Musical collaboration with American cellist Lori Goldston

While the script, animation, direction and editing is all done by Ramsell, the music is a collaboration with American cellist Lori Goldston.

Goldston, who plays cello in the soulful song Anders recorded for the end credits, says: “The song conveys a quiet, urgent intimacy, directly reflective of the film’s spare and mysterious atmosphere. I tried to create a cello part that meshes with the film’s narrative power and the twists and turns of the story.”

“The Breath’s Deer” has also been selected for the Fredrikstad Animation Festival in Norway in October. It will compete in the Nordic-Baltic Short Film Competition programme.

Genderness starring Rutger Hauer


Aquarelle (watercolor) is Anders Ramsell´s choice of material for animation. Each picture is painted with brush, water and pigment on paper. Each painting is then scanned and edited to moving sequences, containing twelve individual paintings per second film real.

The art film “Genderness” is Ramsell´s debut auteur film. It is an exploration of a beehive that does not like bees, or even itself for that matter. It would rather be human, but once transformed into human, bits and pieces from the past keeps returning every now and then…

– This film are my thought about gender, says Anders Ramsell.

Anders Ramsell and Rutger Hauer at the premier of  Genderness at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.


The auto-portrait is omnipresent. Rutger Hauer does the voice over in Genderness, whilst visually the viewer watches an animated version of Ramsell i.e. Hauer takes on the role of Ramsell.

Genderness actually marks Hauer´s very first role in an animated film. He has never felt the process being creative enough, but with Genderness it was something else, Hauer explains – it was interesting like a mystery.

Genderness, saw its world premiere in Los Angeles and it was screened at The Chinese Theater in Hollywood as a part of the official program of the 2016 edition of The Beverly Hills Film Festival. The European premier was held at Sweden´s official festival, Gothenburg Film Festival in 2017. Rutger Hauer, who did one of the leading roles in Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner contacted Ramsell after seeing the artist´s own aquarelle paraphrase Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition, that is how they ended up working together. Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition, has since its release in 2012 for example been screened at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.