I. Genderness

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“Genderness” is an exploration of a beehive that does not like bees, or even itself for that matter. It would rather be human, but once transformed into human, bits and pieces from the past keeps returning every now and then…

– This film are my thoughts about gender, says Anders Ramsell.

Anders Ramsell and Rutger Hauer at the premier of  Genderness. Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016 at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Rutger Hauer does the voice in “Genderness”, whilst visually the viewer watches a painted version of Ramsell i.e. Hauer takes on the role of Ramsell. “Genderness” actually marks Hauer´s very first role in an animated film. He has never felt the process being creative enough, but with “Genderness” it was something else, Hauer explains – it was interesting like a mystery.

Rutger Hauer, who did one of the leading roles in Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi classic “Blade Runner” contacted Ramsell after seeing the artist´s own paraphrase “Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition”, that is how they ended up working together. “The Aquarelle Edition”, has since its release in 2012 for example been screened at The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The music of Genderness

The song “The Zodiac Fields” is  written and performed by Anders Ramsell. Acoustic guitars arranged and performed by Ramsell. Electric guitars arranged and performed by Janne Schaffer (Abba and many other collaborations). Synts arranged and performed by Stefan Blomqvist.

Janne Schaffer and Stefan Blomqvist during studio session for Genderness.

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Genderness (2016)

Written, directed, animated, edited: Anders Ramsell

Cast: Rutger Hauer

Muisc: Anders Ramsell, Janne Schaffer, Stefan Blomqvist.

Runtime: 7 min

Genre: Art film