IV. Seated Choir

”Seated Choir” featuring Nadya Tolokonnikova, finalizes a tetralogy of art films about identity.

”It is beautiful,” Nadya Tolokonnikova says, founder of Pussy Riot.

The aquarelle animated art film “Seated Choir” is the fourth film in a series about identity by artist Anders Ramsell, beginning with ”Genderness” (2016) starring Rutger Hauer, followed by ”The Breath ́s Deer” (2018) starring Stellan Skarsgård and “Neon Leaned Mirror” (2020).

Self-portrait through others

”I wanted to make four animated films with two men and two women. Rutger and Stellan starred in the first two. The third, Neon Leaned Mirror became live-action with participants that needs to remain anonymous. It strayed from the original plan, but in the end Neon Leaned Mirror adds a lot to this tetralogy about identity since the whole cast in that film represent me in one way or another,” Anders Ramsell describes.

Nadya Tolokonnikova – Seated Choir sessions.

Last Installment with Tolokonnikova

Nadya Tolokonnikova provides the voice as Hauer and Skarsgård have done before, taking on the role of Ramsell, while the audience sees a painted version of the artist themself. Tolokonnikova, artist, political activist, and founding member of Pussy Riot, the punk-rock art collective that garnered international support after members were sent to prison following a performance in the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Tolokonnikova herself was incarcerated for 18 months and emerged as a symbol of radical resistance. She is the recipient of the LennoOno Grant for Peace and the Hannah Arendt Prize for Political Thought. ”Seated Chior” is the first time Tolokonnikova does a role in an animated film and infact also the first time she portrays another artist.

The script, animation, direction and editing is all done by Ramsell. ”It has taken seven years to complete these four art films. With earlier projects I have talked a bit about what stort of stories they are, for example The Breath´s Deer beeing a Sci-Fi film. However with Seated Choir and Nadya, I will choose to stay silent, and let it stand as the last installment about my identity,” Anders Ramsell ends.

For information about screenings, exhibits (Seated Choir is completed but has not been shown anywhere yet) or other inquiries, please contact: ramsellanders@gmail.com

Seated Choir (2020, announced)

Written, directed, animated, edited: Anders Ramsell

Animation Technique: Rotoscoping

Cast: Nadya Tolokonnikova

Runtime: 02:35 min

Genre: Art film